What exactly is Yoga?

Most of us are used to seeking wish fulfillment outside of ourselves. We live in a world that forces us to believe that external achievements can give us everything we need. Yet our experiences show us time and again that no worldly achievement can fully satisfy our deep inner desire to have “something else.”

However, most of the time, we find ourselves striving to achieve something that always seems out of reach. By not being in our existence, we get stuck in action, instead of realizing it, we get stuck in action.

It is difficult for us to conceive of such a state of complete peace and relaxation, in which the movement of the unceasing dance of thoughts and feelings ceases. However, through such a state of peace, we can reach a level of joy and wisdom that is otherwise impossible.

What exactly is yoga

The Bible says, “Stand up, and know that I am God”. In these few word’s lie’s the key to self-realization. The science of yoga presents a direct means to pacify the natural turmoil of thoughts and the bodily restlessness that prevent us from knowing our true nature.

Ordinarily our consciousness and energies are focused on the objects of the external world, which we perceive through the limited means of the five senses. Because human reasoning has to rely on partial and often deceptive facts provided by the senses of the physical body, we must learn to reach deeper and subtler levels of consciousness of who I am if we are to solve life’s riddles. ? what am i here for? How do I know the truth?

Yoga is a simple process of turning the general extroverted energy and consciousness inward so that the mind becomes a powerful center of direct perception and becomes capable of realizing the truth rather than relying on the unreliable senses.

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By practicing the chronological methods of yoga, and not by being carried away by emotions or superstitions, we come to know our oneness with the infinite knowledge, power and bliss that gives life to all and which is the essence of our soul.

Due to limited knowledge available to human beings about the forces that govern the universe in the past centuries, the understanding and practice of many of the higher techniques of yoga was scant. But now that scientific discovery is rapidly changing our view of ourselves and the world, the traditional materialistic view of life has now vanished after the discovery that matter and energy are essentially one; Because every being can be transformed into some form or pattern of energy, which interact and interact with other forms.

Some of today’s most famous physicists go a step further, considering consciousness as the fundamental basis of all. Therefore, modern science is confirming the ancient principles of yoga, according to which the whole world is related to each other.

The word yoga itself means “union”: union of individual consciousness or soul with the infinite consciousness or divine. Although most people take yoga to mean physical exercise—it has been propagated in the form of yogasanas or postures only in the last few decades—it is really only a small aspect of the deeper science of yoga, it is that deep science. Which is going to reveal the infinite potential of the human mind and soul.

There are different paths of yoga to achieve this goal, each path is a special branch of the whole system:

Hatha Yoga is a system of physical postures and asanas whose higher goal is to purify the body, which give one the awareness and control of one’s inner states and make it worthy of meditation.

Karmayoga – To serve others selflessly, considering it to be a part of one’s own comprehensive form, without attachment to the fruit, and to perform all actions in the consciousness that God is the doer.

Mantrayoga – Introverting the consciousness through chanting or the repeated utterance of some universal, root-word sounds that indicate a particular aspect of Brahman.

Bhaktiyoga – Bhakti done with the spirit of complete surrender, by which man maintains the state of worship continuously while trying to see and love God in every living being and thing.

Jnanayoga – The path of knowledge, which emphasizes the use of rational intelligence for spiritual liberation.

Raja Yoga—the state or highest path of yoga, duly arranged by Maharishi Patanjali in the 2nd century BCE, which unifies the essence of all other paths.

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At the heart of the Rajayoga system, balancing and unifying these various systems is the practice of definite and scientific techniques of meditation that enable the seeker to show his ultimate goal from the very beginning of his spiritual practice—consciousness with that infinite blissful Brahman. Total.

The quickest and most effective way to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga is by adopting those techniques of meditation which are directly related to energy and consciousness. This straight path makes Kriya Yoga special, it is the special method of meditation that Paramahansa Yoganandji taught.

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