Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency

In today’s post, we will know the advantages anddisadvantages of crypto currency, if you also want to know, then definitely read this post till the end because today we are going to tell you what are the disadvantages and advantages of crypto currency.

When using Cryptocurrency. So somewhere outside in the mind such a question definitely arises in the mind. Why Use Cryptocurrency I would like to tell you that there are many benefits of cryptocurrency.

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency
Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency

What are the advantages of Cryptocurrency?

• Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. We cannot touch it, it is not like money, digitally we can see it. in your mobile or computer.

•Cryptocurrency Act is a digital currency in which there is less chance of fraud.

•Cryptocurrency is a secure currency, it just requires authentication in the storage place.

• Buying, selling and investing cryptocurrencies

is very easy. Digitally we can invest it in different places, because there are many Digital Wallets available for this.

• There is no need of any type of bank for cryptocurrency. Work is done digitally through mobile.

0 Very good for cryptocurrency investment

is option. Here we can buy it at a low price and sell it at a maximum price because its prices keep on increasing rapidly.

• Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any state or government. Because there is no government interest in cryptocurrency.

• Cryprocurrency is a Secure Currency. But you should keep yourself calm in this.

What are the disadvantages of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has two sides. There are some advantages and some disadvantages too. The same thing applies to cryptocurrencies as well. That is, Cryptocurrency also has some disadvantages.

• This is the biggest disadvantage of Cryptocurrency. That no authority has control over it. Meaning that no one can control its prices. That’s why its prices can go up and down at any time.

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• It is a digital currency. That’s why it can be hacked. And this has already happened with Ethereum. Therefore, work should be done with a little care, there is a lot of risk of hack in it.

• Used in Illegal Activities. That is, cryptocurrencies can be used to buy illegal weapons, drugs and stolen credit card / debit cards.

• Apart from this there is no physical use of cryptocurrencies

There is no existence (form) and form. That is, it doesn’t  have note’s and coin’s. We cannot touch it but can see it in mobile computer.

• If you make a transaction in crypto currency by mistake, it will not be returned.

• Cryptocurrencies are heavily used for wrongdoing, drugs supply, black marketing.

• If you lose your wallet ID of a cryptocurrency account, it is lost forever as it is not possible to recover it.

In today’s post, we have told you what are the advantages and disadvantages of crypto currency, you must have understood absolutely the advantages and disadvantages of crypto currency.

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