Konark Temple Mystery - Konark Temple built by

Konark Surya Mandir Famous for its historical importance, unmatched craftsmanship and archaeological artifacts, this place is an important philosophical site worldwide, Konark Sun Temple has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Konark in the state of Orissa. It is situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga at a distance of about 65 kms from Bhubaneshwar district and just 36 kms away from Puri Namak district of Orissa.

Konark Temple Mystery - Konark Temple built by
Konark Temple Mystery - Konark Temple built by

If seen, the word Konark is made up of two words, Kona and Arka, here the word Kona means Corner and Arka means Surya which means "Son of the Corner". Konark Sun Temple is the main tourist center in Konark, but there is Konark Surya Mandir and apart from this there are some places where you can visit such as beaches and museums.

How to reach Konark Surya Mandir

If you want to go to Konark by air, then the nearest airport here is Biju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneshwar and Konark is about 65 kms from Bhubaneshwar, the IATA code of this airport is BBI.

If you want to go to Konark by rail then you have two options one then you can come to Konark from Bhubaneshwar railway station second is Puri railway station Puri is about 33 kms from Konark, code of Bhubaneswar is BBS and that of Puri. PURI |

Konark is well connected by road to almost all parts of India, you can reach here very easily, good one more thing whether you go by rail, whether by air you have to come to Bhubaneswar or Puri, after that from both these cities to Puri State corporation buses, taxis etc. run in abundance.

Where to stay in Konark

Now you have reached Konark but if you have to stay here then you can stay anywhere in Bhubaneshwar or Puri, there are many Dharamshalas and many hotels in both these places, you can book anything according to your budget, however if staying in Konark only If you need, there are good places like Yatri Niwas, Panthanivas etc., you can get more information about the stay from the official website of Konark, there are also some Konark government approved places of stay like Panth Niwas, Yatri Niwas, Inspection Bungalow, Travelers lodge.

Tourist Places to visit in Konark

There is not a lot of tourist places in Konark, but yes, there are so many places here that you can spend a day comfortably here, Konark Sun Temple is the most important tourist center here. You will find beaches and a museum, Ramachandi Temple, Kurma.

Konark Sun Temple

This Sun Temple is one of the main Sun Temples of India. Lakhs of devotees come from all over the country and abroad to visit this unique Konark Surya Temple. Narsinghdev had built this temple, it took 12 years and 1200 artisans labor to build this temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Surya, the local people here also call the Sun God as Biranchi-Narayan.

Konark Surya Mandir is also known as Black Pagoda, when you go to Konark, the way there will fascinate you because here you will be sitting in your bus or taxi and watching the sea view.

This temple is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset and it is open every day.

Here you will take a ticket from the ticket counter at the main gate, after that you will be able to enter the temple premises. The ticket is probably 30-50 rupees for Indians, the ticket is completely free for children below 18 years of age and for foreign tourists it is 500- 600 should be as the price of the ticket also increases with time.

In Konark Surya Mandir, if you want, you can also take a guide, you will get the guide there for about 250-300 rupees, although if you want to know the history of the temple well, then you must book a guide.

The structure of this historical Konark Surya Mandir is worth seeing. The amazing craftsmanship here is made on seeing this temple is built in the shape of a chariot of the Sun.

This temple is built in three mandapas, which are respectively known as Garbhagriha, Jagmohan Mandap, and Nritya Mandap, but now only one mandap is left here, both of them have collapsed.

If we talk about the architecture of Konark Sun Temple, then this entire temple is made in the shape of a chariot, which has seven horses and 12 pairs of wheels, it appears that it is a chariot and the chariot has 12 pairs of wheels and seven horses pull them. But now there is only one horse left here and those wheels tell that the time is there to know, if you book a guide, then he will also show you the proof of this.

At the entrance of this Konark Surya Mandir, two big elephants are holding a human, in this temple there are idols of Sun God of childhood, youth, adulthood.

Let us now discuss the architecture of Konark Surya Mandir a little, this temple is a unique example of amazing architecture, here the idols with erotic postures taken from the Kamasutra are also a wonderful example of craftsmanship and here you will find God, Kinnar, hunting and war. Pictures, pictures of Gandharvas, pictures of humans, pictures of animals, birds etc. will be found and so many beautiful sculptures have been used here, it seems that every picture will come alive right now, in fact the architecture of this temple is forgotten by tourists. does it

This temple is only 06 kilometers away from Konark's bus stand, you are reading about Konark Surya Mandir in this article.

Local people believe that even today in the Konark Sun Temple, the sound of pyalos arising from the dancing of souls is heard from the dance pavilion, I do not know how much truth is there in this, but the people there believe this to be true. The special thing is that there is no worship in this temple, there is a story behind it too, we will discuss the story in another post.

There is another legend about this Konark Surya Mandir that a large magnet has been placed on the summit of this Sun temple, due to which the balance of all the water ships coming out from here would get disturbed and those water ships had to suffer a lot. Due to the reason some Muslim ruler had got this magnet removed, since then this temple started to collapse.

Sea shore

The Sun Temple of Konark is not only a religious place, apart from this you can also enjoy the picturesque beach in Konark. At a distance of only 03 kilometers from Konark, there is a beautiful beach which is known as Konark Beach. If you come to visit, do not forget to have a picnic on this picturesque beach, the time of sunrise and sunset at Konark Beach is very beautiful.

archaeological museum

Don't forget to visit Konark Museum too, if you are interested in artefacts, then you will like this place very much, here you will also get to see some broken artifacts of Konark Surya Mandir.

Ramachandi Temple

When you go from Puri to Konark Surya Mandir, then on the way you will find this famous Ramchandi temple, here you must take advantage of the darshan. The views here are very picturesque, here you can also enjoy boating in the sea.

Now you can also go to Chandrabhaga Beach, this is also a beach, you can enjoy here too.

Kurma Buddhist Site

This famous Buddhist site Konark Sun Temple is located at a distance of 7-8 kilometers from Konark Surya Mandir, this place is also a very important religious place, whose description has been found in some Buddhist texts, so you must visit this Kurma Buddhist site.

When to visit Konark Surya Mandir

The maximum summer in Konark lasts from April to June and winter lasts from October to February, here the monsoon falls in July-September, according to me, the best time for tourists to visit Konark is from October to February. It is as per your wish whenever you want to visit this famous Konark Surya Mandir.


Konark Surya Mandir, with all the legends, all the historical things and some unresolved mysteries, remains the subject of pride of India even today. The splendid, unique, exquisite Nakhashi unmatched craftsmanship here amazes every tourist.

Well no worship is done here, it is because one of the main artisans who made it, had committed suicide due to some reason, since then it was considered a bad omen and there was no worship here, well whatever it is, this Konark Surya Mandir is actually I have a very good heritage, friends, how did you like today's post, you must tell by commenting, if you have any suggestion, then tell us on the contact page of our website.

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