Barbara is happy to speak to children K-6. Barbara can speak to a grade level at a time or a combination of grade levels that are consecutive.









The length of the presentation is tailored to the grade level, the longest being about 40-45 minutes, not including questions. Up to 4 presentations per visit.

Audience Size

Ideally, groups under one hundred for K-1. Grade levels 2 and up can be up to two hundred.


Barbara's presentation to children is very visual, showing her books in stages, mistakes that were made and how a book is put together. There is a slide show reviewing favorite pages of her books, while discussing some math concepts. There are humorous slides of her family, hobbies and pets. The program is interactive and fun!   








Presentation Set-Up/Equipment

1. Table.

2. A slide projector (carousel-type), with remote; if the school can not provide a slide projector, please let her know so that other arrangements can be made.

3. A room that can be darkened preferably a library or media center. Gyms areusually difficult to darken and acoustically difficult.

4. Microphone (if presentation must be in a gym).


Barbara is happy to autograph any of her books to children and teachers. This may be done between and after presentations or any scheduled time. If there is a large number of books to sign, the school might find it more efficient to have them signed before the day begins. Barbara will gladly sign them at the hotel and bring them to the school in the morning.

To book a school visit, please contact us using the contact page 

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